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Fireworks AI(一支烟花 AI)

An AI community that's different, with warmth, love, and AI.

ModelScope 魔搭社区

ModelScope is a community platform dedicated to AI model sharing and collaboration, providing a space for developers and researchers to explore and innovate in the field of AI.


Colossal-AI is a distributed deep learning framework designed to maximize the runtime performance of large neural networks. It offers unmatched speed and scale to help users efficiently train and deploy their AI models.

OpenI 启智 新一代人工智能开源开放平台

OpenI 启智是一个无国界、全公益的新一代人工智能领域开源开放社区,旨在推动人工智能技术的创新与发展,为开发者、研究者和企业提供一个开放、协作、共享的平台。


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