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Create a beautiful set of children's picture books on any theme.

AI Flashcard Maker - Generate FlashCards for Free

Use AI Flashcard Maker to generate high-quality flashcards with one click.


AI Notes and AI Summary for Your Better Learning

AI Language Learning - HiTalk

HiTalk is an AI-driven language learning platform that offers a variety of exercises and resources to help users improve their language skills.

AI Flashcards Generator

AI Flashcards Generator is an innovative platform that allows users to create targeted study aids quickly and efficiently.

Praktika — Language learning app with generative AI Avatar Tutors

Automated 1-1 tutorship powered by gen-AI avatars. Play & learn English with your personal AI-avatar tutor.

Caktus AI | AI Assistant for Students

Caktus is a study tool designed to help students grow their minds with an affordable AI assistant specifically tailored for homework and learning. It offers a range of features to assist with writing papers, understanding math and science, and learning to code.

Chat LangChain

Chat LangChain is a platform where users can learn about various technical topics and ask questions related to programming, AI, and machine learning.

AI-powered Language Learning community


AI Reads Science & AI Search


AI-powered content deck builder.


Invest like an expert with AI-powered insights

Free AI math solver for math homework.

AI homework helper with accurate solutions.

GeniusTutor ai

Free AI tutor for homework help.

HomeworkAI ai

Instant, step-by-step AI homework helper.

Improve grades and succeed in exams with ExamUp, an AI-powered homework solver.

Free AI math solver for quick math homework solutions.


Leadership development


Teaching assistance

Everlyn AI

Personalized AI tutoring for all students.


Create courses with A.I.

Rune Content

Online courses


Online courses


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