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Brick Center

Create custom Lego sets and minifigures for FREE!

Face Swap

Free AI Face Swap Online (No Sign-up)

AI Magic Stricker Generator

Create unique stickers instantly, free to use.


AI Powered Presentation Toolkit with One Click

Free AI PPT Maker - NoteGPT

NoteGPT's AI PPT Maker is a free tool that uses AI to help you generate high-quality content and designs for your PowerPoint presentations without any ads.


Free Suno AI Music Generator by SunoAI


AI-generated music tailored to their preferences.

AI Music Generator - NoteGPT

Create your own music with AI Music Generator in just a few seconds.

AI Mind Map Generator - NoteGPT

The AI Mind Map Generator is a free online tool, automatically generating professional mind maps.

AI Rap Lyrics Generator - NoteGPT

Create original and captivating rap lyrics in seconds using our AI Rap Lyrics Generator.

YouTube Transcript Generator - NoteGPT

NoteGPT is a highly accurate, efficient, and convenient YouTube video transcription tool.

AI Flashcard Maker - Generate FlashCards for Free

Use AI Flashcard Maker to generate high-quality flashcards with one click.

AI Manga Translator

quickly translate your favorite manga or scans into over languages. Powered by AI, the translations are accurate and fast, making it the perfect tool for reliable translation.

Wordvice AI

Free AI Writing Assistant & Text Editor


A free-to-use, locally running, privacy-aware chatbot. No GPU or internet required.

PixAI - AI Art Generator

Create stunning anime art effortlessly.


AI-powered tool for effortless coupon and promo code finds.

Stormi AI

Create personalized artworks easily with Stormi AI's free art generator.

AI Humanizer

Text humanization



Kiwi Video

Video summaries


Stock image search engine

AI Cover

AI Cover is a red envelope cover generator powered by artificial intelligence. Users can create unique and personalized red envelope covers for various occasions.

6pen Art - 毛线球科技

6pen 基于AI技术,从文本描述生成绘画艺术作品,提供多种模型、选项丰富,支持中文描述,不保留版权,任何人都可轻易使用AI技术,将你的绝妙想法快速转化成看得见的图像,并在6pen社区中获得展示,点赞和更多潜在收益。


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