AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像

AMiner is an AI-powered technology intelligence mining platform that offers academic search, paper retrieval, patent search, literature tracking, and scholar profiling services.

Visit AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像||
AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像
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What is AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像?

AMiner is a comprehensive platform that leverages AI to facilitate technology intelligence mining and academic research.

AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像 Use Case?

Academic research, technology intelligence mining, paper retrieval, patent search, literature tracking, scholar profiling

Applicable people for AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像?

Researchers, scholars, academics, students

AMiner - AI赋能科技情报挖掘-学术搜索-论文检索-论文专利-文献追踪-学者画像 is free?

Yes, AMiner offers free access to its basic features with premium subscription options available.

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