Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify

Supercharge your customer shopping experience with Browsebuddy. Empower your store with our AI shopping assistant —where smart selling meets instant support. It understands your catalog to enhance shopping experiences and provides immediate help, boosting sales and customer satisfaction effortlessly.

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Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify
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What is Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify?

Browsebuddy is an AI sales chat tool designed to drive sales and reduce customer support for e-commerce businesses.

Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify Use Case?

Engage & sell products to customers in real-time with GPT, Configure AI Assistant Easily with Admin Panel, Dashboard for Customer Insights & Analytics

Applicable people for Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify?

E-commerce store owners, Online retailers, Shopify merchants

Browsebuddy - AI Sales Chat for Shopify is free?

Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

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