CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators

Make WP Plugins and Code With AI. Quicker and more accurate WordPress coding with CodeWP's conversational AI, for devs and non-techies alike.

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CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators
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What is CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators?

CodeWP is an AI-powered platform that helps WordPress creators code complex snippets, develop plugins, provide expert AI help, security scanning, and troubleshooting for WordPress sites.

CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators Use Case?

Conversational coding, creating code from single prompts, expert level understanding in PHP, JS, CSS, and SQL, generating new lines and snippets by describing tasks, testing snippets directly on WordPress instances, researching any WordPress feature, connecting projects to chat for assistance, using plugin modes for hyper-accurate answers.

Applicable people for CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators?

WordPress developers, non-techies looking to code in WordPress, freelance creators, website owners seeking AI assistance.

CodeWP - AI For WordPress Creators is free?

No, CodeWP is not free.

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