Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef

As someone who just got their own place, the kitchen was a foreign and frightening territory to me. Cookii has been a game changer, making cooking feel less like a chore and more like an adventure. The easy-to-follow recipes are incredible for a newbie like me. Now, I can host dinner parties without a second thought!

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Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef
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What is Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef?

Cookii is an AI-powered sous chef that helps users discover and create delicious recipes easily.

Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef Use Case?

Meal planning, recipe discovery, cooking assistance

Applicable people for Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef?

Home cooks, busy professionals, college students studying abroad

Cookii - Your AI Sous Chef is free?

No, there is a subscription fee for Cookii.

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