Dosu - Everyone's Developer

Dosu is an AI teammate that lives in your GitHub repo, helping you respond to issues, triage bugs, and build better documentation.

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Dosu - Everyone's Developer
Category: Code & IT

What is Dosu - Everyone's Developer?

What is Dosu? Dosu is an AI assistant that helps to maintain codebases by responding to issues, triaging bugs, and improving documentation, making the process more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Dosu - Everyone's Developer Use Case?

Use cases for Dosu include responding to issues in GitHub repositories, triaging bugs, and building better documentation.

Applicable people for Dosu - Everyone's Developer?

Developers, software development teams, and anyone maintaining a GitHub repository.

Dosu - Everyone's Developer is free?

The information about whether Dosu is free is not provided in the given data.

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