Forloop Data Platform

Forloop is a desktop app that allows users to collect, prepare, and automate external data in minutes, providing better insights beyond internal data limitations.

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Forloop Data Platform
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What is Forloop Data Platform?

What is Forloop? It's a data platform that helps users adapt faster, track market changes, and support price strategy by accessing the latest market data.

Forloop Data Platform Use Case?

Use cases for Forloop include collecting data from non-API sources like websites and maps, preparing data using intelligent algorithms, automating data pipelines, and increasing productivity in the building process.

Applicable people for Forloop Data Platform?

The audience for Forloop includes data teams, data consumers, data engineers, and anyone looking to enhance decision-making and increase growth with new data.

Forloop Data Platform is free?

Yes, Forloop is free to download and try locally. No credit card is required.

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