Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code

Frontly is a platform that enables users to build AI-powered applications without any coding experience. It offers features like automation of repetitive tasks, content editing and generation with structured output using OpenAI, modernizing user interfaces with tables, charts, forms, and more, granular access controls for data security, and fully branded app customization.

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Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code
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What is Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code?

Frontly is a no-code platform that allows users to create AI-powered apps, solving the problem of needing coding skills to develop such applications.

Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code Use Case?

Use cases for Frontly include automating repetitive tasks, generating content with AI, creating modern user interfaces, securing data with granular access controls, and building fully branded client-facing portals.

Applicable people for Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code?

The audience for Frontly includes businesses looking to modernize their operations, life coaching businesses for unique client interactions, and individuals who want to build AI apps without coding skills.

Frontly - Build AI-powered apps with no code is free?

The product offers a free trial, as indicated by 'Try for free!' on their website.

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