Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System

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Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System
Category: Life Assistant
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What is Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System?

The Jobzi Jobseeker Support System automatically searches all job posts, identifies the best-paid and best-fit jobs, and can even apply for jobs on your behalf. It provides personalized job recommendations, feedback on your CV, and helps you improve your chances of getting hired.

Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System Use Case?

Automated job searching and application, tracking job applications, receiving notifications from recruiters, improving CV to match job descriptions

Applicable people for Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System?

Job seekers in the UK looking for a more efficient way to apply for jobs

Jobzi Jobseekers' Support System is free?

There is a Free Trial package available, but the Standard Package is priced at £25.

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