ChatALL is a platform that allows users to concurrently chat with multiple AI bots based on Large Language Models (LLMs). It aims to help users discover the best results by sending prompts to several AI bots at once, instead of trying them one by one.

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What is ChatALL?

What is ChatALL? ChatALL solves the problem of randomness and varying performance in AI bots by enabling users to interact with multiple bots simultaneously and find the best responses.

ChatALL Use Case?

Use cases for ChatALL include finding the best answers or creations from LLMs, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various LLMs in different fields, and quickly debugging prompts to find the best-performing foundation models.

Applicable people for ChatALL?

The audience for ChatALL includes Gurus of LLMs, Researchers of LLMs, and Developers of LLM applications.

ChatALL is free?

ChatALL is available for download and installation at no cost from the provided GitHub releases link.

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