LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free

LocalGPT is an open-source Chrome extension that brings the power of conversational AI directly to your local machine, ensuring privacy and data control. It runs entirely on your computer, ensuring that no data leaves your device.

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LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free
Category: Life Assistant
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What is LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free?

LocalGPT is a free and private alternative to ChatGPT, allowing users to run conversational AI locally on their device without the need for internet connectivity or data transfer to remote servers.

LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free Use Case?

- Running ChatGPT-like app for free and privately - Ensuring data control and privacy by running AI models locally

Applicable people for LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free?

Individuals concerned about privacy and data security, users looking for a free alternative to ChatGPT

LocalGPT: Local, Private, Free is free?

Yes, LocalGPT is free to use.

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