Maket - Generative Design for Architecture

Maket empowers everyone to automate residential floorplans, 3D renders, and explore limitless styles with generative AI.

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Maket - Generative Design for Architecture
Category: Design&Art3D
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What is Maket - Generative Design for Architecture?

Maket is a generative design software that revolutionizes architectural design by automating floorplans, 3D renders, and style exploration, saving time and enhancing creativity.

Maket - Generative Design for Architecture Use Case?

Automated residential floorplan generation, style exploration, customization of design elements, expert guidance on materials and costs.

Applicable people for Maket - Generative Design for Architecture?

Architects, interior designers, real estate developers

Maket - Generative Design for Architecture is free?

No, Maket is not free.

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