MealSnap: AI meal log journal

Introducing Foodie, the smartest way to track your meals. With the power of AI, Foodie revolutionizes the way you log you do calorie counting. Say goodbye to tedious manual entries and embrace a world where your meals are logged with just a simple scan.

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MealSnap: AI meal log journal
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What is MealSnap: AI meal log journal?

MealSnap is an AI-powered meal log journal that utilizes advanced AI technology to recognize and log meals with just a simple scan, making calorie counting effortless and efficient.

MealSnap: AI meal log journal Use Case?

Effortlessly track meals, get immediate insights into nutritional content, seamlessly monitor progress, receive insightful tips on diet adjustments, and keep track of daily macro goals.

Applicable people for MealSnap: AI meal log journal?

Busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts, individuals mindful of their eating habits

MealSnap: AI meal log journal is free?

MealSnap is free with optional in-app purchases for subscriptions.

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