Pythagora is a dev tool that builds apps from scratch by talking to you. It is a VS Code extension powered by GPT Pilot - one of the most powerful CodeGen tools.

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What is Pythagora?

What is Pythagora? Pythagora is a development tool that automates the process of building applications by interacting with the user to understand requirements and execute tasks.

Pythagora Use Case?

Use cases for Pythagora include development of a SaaS application, breaking down app specifications, defining requirements, selection of technologies, backend architecture, frontend development, testing, deployment, and writing code for each task.

Applicable people for Pythagora?

Applicable people for Pythagora are software developers, application developers, and anyone involved in the process of software development looking to streamline and automate their workflow.

Pythagora is free?

The availability of a free version is not specified on the website.

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