SoraWebui is an open-source project that simplifies video creation by allowing users to generate videos online with OpenAI's Sora model using text, featuring easy one-click website deployment.

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What is SoraWebui?

What is SoraWebui? It's an open-source web platform that enables users to generate videos from text using OpenAI's Sora model, simplifying the video creation process and making it accessible for both professionals and enthusiasts in video production and AI technology.

SoraWebui Use Case?

Use cases for SoraWebui include creating promotional videos, educational content, storytelling, and generating imaginative scenes based on text descriptions for creative projects.

Applicable people for SoraWebui?

The audience for SoraWebui includes video producers, content creators, AI enthusiasts, educators, marketers, and anyone interested in generating videos from text descriptions.

SoraWebui is free?

As an open-source project, SoraWebui itself is free to use. However, please note that using the actual OpenAI Sora model may be subject to OpenAI's terms and conditions, which may include costs.

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