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Sub Translate AI is an advanced AI-driven subtitle translator that offers a range of features to help users translate subtitles, videos, and audio files into multiple languages with ease. The platform provides contextual accuracy, style customization, and advanced capabilities to handle complex translation tasks.

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Sub Translate AI
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What is Sub Translate AI?

Sub Translate AI is a subtitle translation tool that helps users translate and localize video and audio content into multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

Sub Translate AI Use Case?

Some use cases for Sub Translate AI include creating subtitles for foreign movies, YouTube videos, product introductions, watching Korean dramas, Japanese documentaries, Arabic lectures, and more.

Applicable people for Sub Translate AI?

The audience for Sub Translate AI includes content creators, video producers, media professionals, language learners, and anyone who wants to watch or create content in multiple languages.

Sub Translate AI is free?

Sub Translate AI offers a free plan that supports translation of srt and vtt files, up to 120 subtitles per translation, and allows translating one file at a time without saving translation history.

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