Vana | User-Owned Data

The first network for user-owned data. We believe in an open internet where users own their data and the AI models they contribute to.

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Vana | User-Owned Data
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What is Vana | User-Owned Data?

Vana is a platform that empowers users to own their data and contribute to AI models, aiming to create a user-owned foundation model trained by millions of users.

Vana | User-Owned Data Use Case?

Empowering users to own their data, contributing to AI models, breaking down walled gardens of data, training a user-owned foundation model

Applicable people for Vana | User-Owned Data?

Users who are interested in data ownership, AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers

Vana | User-Owned Data is free?

Yes, Vana is free to use.

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