Eightify is a YouTube video summarization tool that uses AI to provide quick and efficient summaries of long videos.

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什么是 Eightify?

Eightify uses YouTube AI technology to summarize videos in seconds, making it a go-to solution for users who need to grasp the key ideas of a video quickly without having to watch the entire content.

Eightify 的用例?

Use cases for Eightify include saving time on long videos by getting key ideas instantly, accessing translations of summaries in over 40 languages to break language barriers, and navigating through videos with timestamped breakdowns.


The audience for Eightify includes anyone who consumes YouTube content and needs a quick summary of the video, such as students, researchers, professionals, language learners, and casual viewers.

Eightify 是免费的吗?

The availability of a free version or a trial is not specified in the provided information, so it cannot be confirmed whether the product is free.


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