WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready

WrenAI is a semantic engine architecture that provides the LLM context of your business, allowing you to establish a logical presentation layer on your data schema. This helps the LLM learn more about your business context, reduce LLM hallucination, improve accuracy by augmenting LLM prompts, generate insights, automate workflow with a self-learning feedback loop, and ensure security by design.

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WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready
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什么是 WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready?

What is WrenAI? WrenAI is a tool that helps to reduce LLM hallucination, improve accuracy, generate insights, automate workflow, and ensure secure and reliable data handling.

WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready 的用例?

Use cases for WrenAI include processing metadata, schema, terminology, data relationships, and the logic behind calculations and aggregations with 'Modeling Definition Language' (MDL), reducing duplicate coding and simplifying data joins, generating relevant questions for users to choose from to get deeper insights, and refining SQL augmentation and generation through a self-learning feedback loop.

适用人群:WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready?

The audience for WrenAI includes businesses looking to make their databases more efficient and accurate, data analysts, developers, and anyone interested in leveraging the power of LLMs for data management and analysis.

WrenAI - Make Your Database RAG-Ready 是免费的吗?

WrenAI is an open-source tool, which means it is free to deploy anywhere on your own data, LLM APIs, and environment.



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Make Your Database RAG-Ready

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