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Chat with your files and get expert-level insights in seconds. Turn hours of Excel into minutes on Julius. Supercharge your data analysis with Julius.

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Julius AI
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什么是 Julius AI?

Julius AI is an AI data analyst that allows users to chat with their files and receive expert-level insights quickly. It helps automate data preparation, generate visualizations, provide answers to data questions, and unlock statistical modeling without complexity.

Julius AI 的用例?

Generate sleek visualizations, Ask data questions, Cleaning made effortless, Export instantly, Create captivating animations, Unlock statistical modeling

适用人群:Julius AI?

Students, professors, teachers, data analysts, researchers

Julius AI 是免费的吗?

Yes! By default, all users can send up to 15 messages a month with the most advanced AI model. Once you hit the monthly limit, you can upgrade your plan.

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