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The image Upscaler, Enhancer & Transformer that feels like Magic 🪄. Achieve insanely high-res upscaling, enhance & transform images with advanced AI technology.

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Magnific AI
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什么是 Magnific AI?

Magnific AI is an image upscaler, enhancer, and transformer that uses advanced AI technology to achieve high-resolution upscaling, enhancing, and transforming of images. It solves the problem of creating higher-resolution images with more details guided by user prompts and parameters.

Magnific AI 的用例?

Upscaling portraits, enhancing illustrations, upscaling nature & landscapes, enhancing films & photography, enhancing 3D renders using AI, upscaling interior design & architecture images, upscaling food photoshoots

适用人群:Magnific AI?

Professionals and enthusiasts in photography, graphic design, digital art, and illustration; AI artists and creators; businesses in need of enhancing images for marketing materials; individuals aiming to polish personal photos or produce high-quality visual content

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