Supercharge Your Knowledge with NoteGPT Tab - NoteGPT is a powerful AI Knowledge Manager that uses AI to collect and summarize links, discover new insights with AI search.

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什么是 NoteGPT?

What is NoteGPT? It is a tool that uses AI to summarize lengthy videos, articles, and texts in seconds, allowing users to effortlessly grasp complex content.

NoteGPT 的用例?

Use cases for NoteGPT include summarizing long videos and articles, Q&A and chatting with an AI assistant, browsing videos with timestamp tracking, note-taking with automated snapping, generating and saving AI flashcards, managing notes with folders, and sharing notes with friends.


The audience for NoteGPT includes students, researchers, content creators, and anyone looking to enhance their learning and comprehension of digital content.

NoteGPT 是免费的吗?

Yes, NoteGPT offers a free version with various features.


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