Nouswise is a personal search engine that provides trusted answers from your sources, saving you up to 4 hours a week and allowing you to focus on what matters. It enables you to upload books and documents, explore them interactively, and expand your knowledge by validating, saving, curating, and organizing the responses into a personal knowledge base.

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什么是 Nouswise?

What is Nouswise? Nouswise is a personal search engine that helps you find relevant information from your uploaded documents, books, and notes, saving you time and enhancing your knowledge.

Nouswise 的用例?

What can I use Nouswise for? You can use Nouswise to quickly find information from your personal documents, books, and notes, explore the content interactively, and build a personal knowledge base.


Applicable people for Nouswise include students, researchers, professionals, and anyone who wants to save time and enhance their knowledge by efficiently accessing and organizing information from their personal sources.

Nouswise 是免费的吗?

Yes, the basic plan of Nouswise is free.

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