Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT

Imagine and style with AI. Create portraits, artwork, and landscapes from a simple description. Use the pre-defined styles or create your own.

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Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT
Category: Design&Art3D
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什么是 Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT?

Splend AI is a platform that allows users to generate art and NFTs using artificial intelligence. It enables users to create unique artwork based on descriptions provided.

Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT 的用例?

Creating portraits, artwork, and landscapes with AI, generating unique art based on descriptions, exploring different art styles

适用人群:Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT?

Art enthusiasts, artists, designers, NFT creators

Splend AI - Generative Art & NFT 是免费的吗?

Yes, Splend AI is free to use.

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