The fastest way to get actionable insights from your database just by asking questions. Vanna AI allows you to spend less time writing SQL and more time generating insights on your data. It eliminates the need to be an expert in SQL to get information from the database, and even experts can save time by asking for the data they need instead of writing queries.

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什么是 Vanna.AI?

What is Vanna.AI? It's a personalized AI SQL agent that helps you get information from your database by asking questions, reducing the need for SQL expertise and saving time on query writing.

Vanna.AI 的用例?

Use Vanna to generate queries for any SQL database, find relevant tables, documentation, and example SQL queries, and have the LLM generate SQL based on the relevant metadata.


Vanna is designed for anyone who needs to get information from a database, including non-experts and SQL experts, as well as large enterprises that may require customization in deployment.

Vanna.AI 是免费的吗?

Vanna is open-source, allowing you to run it on your own infrastructure. However, there may be hosted components and enterprise services available for a fee.


AI-powered full stack development.


Seamlessly craft AI agents with live testing and efficient version control.

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