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DB-GPT revolutionizes Database Interaction with Private LLM Technology for Magento

Write SEO Product Descriptions using AI

AI Editor

AI design tools for the fashion industry


Experience the Future of Hiring: AI-Driven Recruitment


Studio Directors & AI Creation Tool - The best tool for creating AI backgrounds.

Monica - Your ChatGPT AI Assistant for Anywhere

Monica is an all-in-one AI assistant equipped with advanced AI models to help with chatting, searching, writing, translating, and more.

Forloop Data Platform

Forloop is a desktop app that allows users to collect, prepare, and automate external data in minutes, providing better insights beyond internal data limitations.

Glitter AI

Glitter AI is a versatile tool that allows you to create events, add guests, and send invitations all in one place. It helps you organize your schedule, plan meetings, and keep track of important dates.

THunt - Free Temu product data analysis tool for Seller & Shopper

THunt is an amazing data service platform that helps boost store traffic and conversion rate, making it easier for users to manage products and orders. It offers powerful data analysis functions, providing detailed operation reports and optimization suggestions to fix store weaknesses.

Grasp - The world’s businesses, uncovered.

Grasp is a platform that provides insights into the world's businesses, helping users navigate and understand the business landscape.

Steno | Exceptional court reporting and litigation services

Tech-Enabled Court Reporting and Litigation Services. Steno is revolutionizing the way court reporting and litigation support services are done.

Apriora - The World's Best Interviewer

Hire the best candidates faster with Apriora's AI-powered live interviews, automated scheduling, and instant feedback.

Ava, The AI BDR

Ava is the world's best AI BDR, designed to handle the end-to-end B2B cold email sales process and work alongside your human BDR team within the Artisan Sales platform.


AI-powered landing page generation for Shopify and Woocommerce.

Modern service management solution for businesses.


AI playground for character roleplay

Automate document-heavy workflows with AI.


Affordable, fast, and top-quality brand packages for side-hustlers.

Create beautiful designs for apparel & photoshoots using AI.

Borea AI

Unlocking Intelligent Financial Mastery

AI-powered assistant for outbound messages.

Map Lead Scraper

Scrape local business data from Google Maps


Simplify AI development with BafCloud

AnswerFlow AI

Lifetime License for Unlimited ChatGPT Bots


Automate sales with autonomous AI agents.


AI assistant trained on your data

AI-powered full stack development.

Docu, AI-Powered Contract Review

Simplify legal language into plain English, summarize key points for quick understanding, detect and explain critical clauses, compare standard practices against your contract, identify and flag potential risks immediately, spotlight beneficial clauses that serve your interests, and make it easier to understand your contract.


AI-powered MVP building solution.


AI-driven platform for CRM, workflows, and engagement.


AI accounting software for business decision making - AI Lie Detector & Heart Rate Monitor

Unveil the Hidden Truth. Harness the Power of AI to Detect Deception and Inconsistent Behaviour. Lifetime Access Offer is limited for the first 3,000 users.

Venture Matching

AI-based Predictive Investments and Venture Matching


Empowering individuals against online harm.

contaact card.

Create beautiful digital business cards and easily store and share through digital wallets.


AI-powered job application and matching platform.


AI-Powered Invoice Automation Solution

Ready-to-use data and AI infrastructure for intelligent software.


Create customizable products with Ai art generators in minutes.


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